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PROTESTERS STORM GOVERNOR’S ST. LOUIS OFFICE – Demand Removal of National Guard in #Ferguson


At that exact moment, Koran Addo, a higher education reporter for the St. Louis Dispatch, snapped this iconic image.


Next time a Pisces Moon tells you they have a bad feeling about someone, listen to them.


Pisces Moon: Lunar Pisceans are the most intense emotionally of all the signs. They have a whole world held within their minds and very few see what is inside the depths of their own universe. These folks have a very intense intuition and are very observant because of this. They can be very ditzy people and they have a optimistic perception. They want happiness and do not want others to know what is upsetting them from within. The difference between a moon in pisces and a sun in pisces is that Lunar Pisces hide their emotions from others meanwhile Piscean Suns hide away from the world when they are at their most emotional.

Light and Dark

Once you allow yourself to become a light, you no longer have to fear the darkness. I realize when I can’t see the light, it’s because I’ve allowed myself to become part of the darkness I fear.

Guess that sample. (Pretty straightforward)